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When Oglethorpe University moved to Atlanta in 1870 it was one of the first institutions offering business and commerce courses in the United States, blazing a trail of innovation and progress from its earliest days. Today, the Hammack School of Business (HSB) continues this bold path forward, as a place where the limits of creativity, curiosity and compassion know no bounds.

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Investing for the future. It’s a concept that resonates deeply within the business world and Oglethorpe alike. Our unwavering goals are focused on bolstering endowments and harnessing current-use funds to create exceptional learning opportunities for students, to empower faculty to bring cutting-edge work into the classroom, and to design programs and spaces that support and enrich educational experiences.

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Stephen Craft, Ph.D., Dean of the Hammack School of Business

“Aligned with the University strategic plan, the Hammack School of Business sits at the very heart of the Oglethorpe University mission. Poised at the crossroads of management education and the liberal arts, the Hammack School prepares students to be mindful and ethical business persons who are qualified to lead in an ever-transforming professional landscape.”

Dr. Stephen Craft, Dean, Hammack School of Business

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