Strategic Plan

In fall 2018, a committee convened to develop a five-year strategic plan for the Hammack School of Business. Following a process by Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, a plan was developed and submitted to the President and Board of Trustees in April 2019.

By and large, the plan focuses on growth: growth in programs, growth in student enrollment and growth in the hiring of new faculty to support both.

Growth is made possible by pursuing a focused and differentiated strategy including:

  • Expand from four to 7 or 8 majors (Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Management)
  • Create unique course and certificate offerings (Sports, Arts Management, etc.)
  • Expand business offerings for non-Hammack majors (courses/certificates/minors)
  • Keep/enhance the unique liberal arts foundation
  • Commitment to high engagement teaching, experiential learning and post-graduate support