Hammack School of Business - Building robot-proof leaders


Acquire the skills for your first job, your next job — and the job after that. The Hammack School of Business is building robot-proof leaders to tackle 21st century challenges with resilience and reinvention.

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Oglethorpe: Access to Fortune 500 companies
Oglethorpe: Connections and community


Access means Atlanta: economic powerhouse, gateway to the globe, home to Fortune 500s and the world’s busiest airport. Access also means the network of human connections that make everything possible. Faculty who know your name, as well as who you need to know. Relationships with Oglethorpe alumni, movers and shakers. Access means the connections and community for you to shape the future and take on the world.

Oglethorpe University Students


Success in uncertain times requires adaptability — and the life experience to meet an ever-changing range of challenges. Oglethorpe students expand their intellectual toolkits through the unique Oglethorpe Core, building skills in thinking, writing, persuading. At Hammack, you’ll thrive in a diverse campus community. You’ll link theory and practice through real-world experiences like internships, volunteering, on-the-job learning and study abroad. So you’ll have the outlook needed to reinvent yourself, as a successful career in a changing world demands.


Business-savvy students know the value of an extraordinary deal. Oglethorpe offers a premium education at an accessible cost — the individually engaged, one-size-fits-one experience of a private college, available at a wallet-friendly state school budget. That’s thanks to Oglethorpe’s generous scholarship and aid packages, including matching flagship state tuition in all 50 states for qualified students. And qualified applicants for admission will be invited to compete for full-tuition Hammack Scholarships at our prestigious Scholarship Weekend competition.

Oglethorpe Value: Premium education at an accessible cost


When Oglethorpe University relocated to Atlanta in 1870, it was one of the few institutions offering business and commerce courses in the US. The Hammack School of Business, launched in fall of 2019, represents the newest chapter in that innovative history. This transformational stage is made possible by a $50 million gift from Oglethorpe alumnus Q. William “Bill” Hammack, Jr. ’73 — the largest gift in Oglethorpe’s 182-year history. Hammack is a place where creative, curious and compassionate students can unlock their superpowers, becoming business leaders who make a difference.

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